Quality Control And NDT Inspection

Our services that can be performing

  1. Quality controlduring erection of new projects to ensure that work comply with required specifications and witnessing all testing and examinations including the test run trails and issuing the relevant inspection and safety operational certificates, qualification of welders and welding procedures, and welding supervision is part of the erection or fabrication activities.
  2. NDT inspectionusing all convention NDT technique (RT, PT, MT, UT & VT) & Advance equipment technique like (UT PHASED ARRAY & TOFD) in the site field.
  3. Routine and Annual Inspectionperform QC/QA, NDT inspection and issue inspection relevant certifications for each equipment’s and safety operational certificates.

For different infrastructure projects such as (Oil Refinery, Gas Plant, Pipeline, Thermal and Gas Power Plant, Tank project) for the equipment listed below accordance to the international codes & standards, the client specification, and safe operation.

  1. Industrial Boilers (Fire & Water Tube).
  2. Pressure Vessels (Tower, Drums, and Reactor, Heat Exchanger).
  3. Storage Tanks (Fixed, Floating Roof)
  4. Pipeline and pipe network system
  5. Lifting Equipment’s (Fixed & Mobile).
  6. Mechanical Hoisting Devices.