AL-ROOK Engineering Services and Calibration of Testing & Measuring Equipment (Co., Ltd.) focused on providing high value – added services to meet Quality Control & DT/NDT Inspection Service, calibration of NDT equipment, NDT Maintenance Shop, Tank Calibration, Installation & Modernization Control System, Environmental Impact Assessment, NDT Training and qualification for the Oil & Gas industry sectors and ISO certificates for all sectors


With more than 20 years of experience and know-how, we aim to adding an indispensable value to Iraq and meet the different demands of the Oil & Gas infrastructure and industries sectors within the framework of the project cycle.

Our aim is to constantly increase the level of firm awareness in the client / contracting sector and to undertake different projects with both local and global partnerships.


We offer services for Oil & Gas infrastructure and industries for national & international firms, our focus areas are Inspection, Consultancies, Environmental Studies, Quality Control & Developing the organization to get ISO certificates for all sectors. We take on any challenge that is economically suitability to most important stakeholders specially: clients, owners, employees & the community we work in.

Acting on the basis of superior business ethics and honesty and taking into account the expectations of the customers, We aims to fully satisfy its customers by producing optimum solutions.

Doing so by acting in a conscious manner in the application of efficiency and benefit-oriented solutions in an environmentally sensitive manner in national and international standards.


The attention and intention, the importance to maintain the

  • Environment: We are committed to minimized environmental impact.
  • Safety: We are committed to zero accidents.
  • Ethics: Transparency, accountability, discipline, integrity, openness honesty applied across all our relationships, and meeting our promises.
  • Legal requirements: we are committed to the rule of law.
  • Customer Focus: Listening to our clients to enhance our services as much as possible.
  • Quality: Providing the client with our service through flexible engineering excellence and achieving high client satisfaction through adopting the values and terms, our IMS certificates and ISO 17020, ISO17025 & ISO 29001.
  • Employees: Harnessing the energy and competence of our employees to achieve our shared ambition and goal for growing business success.
  • Self-determination: Maintaining our freedom of action through being prudent, responsible and highly professional when handling financial and other risks throughout the business.

Our Clients