Company Overview

The Company (est. 2000) mainly in inspection and related services for oil & gas, power generation, automotive or metals industries and aerospace, in accordance to the international Codes and Standards for inspection activities a well HSE Policy.

We are very proud and pleased with our achievements and performance:
    1. Our quality management system was certified to the requirements of Iraqi standard in according to ISO 9001:2008 / 2010 Iraqi Central Organization of  standardization and Quality Control (COSQC), and certified to ISO 9001:2008 / 2013 Bureau VERITAS (BV)
    2. Our management system meets the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Health and safety management
    3. Approved by COSQS /2012 to develop the local state &private firms to get QMS in according to the content of ISO 9001/2008 . Also we cooperate with BV   that offer ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
    4.Established “Calibration Lab" for the NDT equipment with certified & qualified engineers.


The Company vision is to be the most valued respected engineering company in the fields of Inspection, Consultancies, Environment Studies, QA Habilitation, Training and to add a value to infrastructure of Iraqi base (Oil and Gas Power Generation)& industries. Finally, we hope that our company will be in a position to take up any challenge in the company fields, and a role model for other upcoming companies in the similar sector.


The Company mission is to achieve more projects as economically as possible in order to provide an adequate of living for both owners and employees and the community as well, with respect to our main mission by providing our clients with international standards and sustainable environment.


  • Customer focus: Listening to the voice of our external and internal customers in everything we do.
  • Engineering excellence: Adding value by meeting the changing needs of our customers
  • Integrity: Consistency, openness and honesty applied across all our relationships, always meeting our promises
  • Self-determination: Maintaining our freedom of action through prudent, highly professional financial and all source of risk throughout the business.

We classified the projects undertaken by AL-ROOK in to categories as follows:

    1. New construction projects.
    2. Developing projects.
    3. Special inspection projects
    4. Routine inspection project.
    5. Training projects.